The cultural capital of Bali: eat, create, relax
The precious pearl of Indonesia, Bali, is known to many tourists due to a series of luxury hotels and a promenade with clean sand and the azure sea. But if…

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Valentine's Day Travel: Top Destinations
Spain, Barcelona This city is fascinating and easily tunes in a love mood. Walks hand in hand through the narrow medieval streets, kisses on benches in picturesque parks, sunsets on…

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Best places to stay in the fall
The velvet season is a wonderful time to relax, because the number of tourists decreases several times compared with the summer months. Prices in September and October are much lower,…

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musical performances

Why we did not know this before: 7 rules for a perfect trip

Sometimes even a carefully planned vacation can be frustrating. That’s because there are 7 important travel rules that not everyone knows about. Fees for the weather, quickly made decisions, a suitcase “light”, a cash reserve for unexpected expenses, a minimum of gadgets, a suitable company and a positive attitude – that’s all the luggage with which it is worth flying to warm places. But what about a suitcase full of everything you need and your favorite laptop – you ask? Why you do not need them, we give answers in the article.

1. Be prepared for spontaneous relaxation
An accidentally caught last minute tour to Egypt or any other sunny country can forever change your idea of ​​vacation. It happens that for weeks you plan a long-awaited vacation, choose dates favorable on the lunar calendar, spend the night in the SPA salon on the eve of the trip, and at the last moment you realize that you are simply exhausted from all these fees. Continue reading

Spanish holidays in Costa Brava

The wild shores, once inspired by Dali itself, today have turned into comfortable beaches, where the sea freshness is diluted with the persistent pine aroma of evergreen forests. Cozy fishing villages close to the sea create a contrast to the tourist areas with modern hotels.

The mild climate is ideal for hiking and exploring the ancient architecture, which is still preserved in these places. The picturesque Costa Brava is simply made for a vibrant journey! Today we will tell you everything you need to know about this tourist area.

The most popular resorts of the Costa Brava
Costa Brava is a strip of the Mediterranean coast, which stretches in the northeast of Catalonia, in the province of Girona. When planning a tour to the Costa Brava, tourists primarily consider the resort town of Blanes. Local beaches are notable for their gentle access to the sea, which is ideal for families with children. Continue reading

Vinobrani Festivals in Prague

September in the Czech Republic is the time of the traditional festival “Vinobrani” – the festival of young wine.

Almost all of September, residents and guests of Prague can attend many events dedicated to Czech wines and try the products of local wineries, including Burchak – a drink from grape must that has begun to ferment, which Czechs love not only for good taste, but also for healthy ones cleansing properties.

We have prepared for you information about the Vinobrani festivals in Prague – fairs, tastings, exhibitions and festive events that you can visit during your stay in the Czech capital in the first month of autumn. Entrance to most events is free.

Vinobrani near the Eden shopping center
For the past seven years, the Vinobrani festival has been taking place on the square near the Eden shopping center, during which guests of the festival can taste the famous Czech burchak and various sorts of wines produced in the country’s 12 best distilleries. The wineries whose products are presented at this celebration are selected by the jury of the prestigious Král Vín competition. Continue reading

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