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Ski tours: choose the most popular winter resorts in Europe

Alpine skiing annually interests an increasing number of our tourists. And for the winter season of 2017-2018, we have prepared a small overview of popular European resorts in terms of tourists themselves. The basis of our review was the report of the English publication The Telegraph and the reviews of our tourists. So, if you are just going to a ski resort, it will not be out of place to know popular resorts among skiers and snowboarders this season!

Jasna: the best ski resort in Slovakia

Jasna is located at the foot of the Chopok mountains (Low Tatras) on the north side.

This is the largest and most difficult ski area in the country. Transfer from the nearest airport in Poprad takes 45 minutes. True, Jasna is more of a big village than a ski resort in the traditional European sense. But the classification is not important if there is everything so that even advanced skiers and snowboarders are happy for a week.

In total, in recent years, about 132 million euros have been invested in the resort. Thanks to this, new lifts with a length of 10 km appeared. They work on both sides of the mountain, and along them are shops, cozy hotels, bars and restaurants.

Half of the tracks in the resort are of medium difficulty, and about 30% are for the advanced level. So there are more routes for extreme sports and professionals than in many European resorts. Compared to the ski resorts of the Alps, 49 kilometers of pistes in Jasna may not seem impressive either. But do not forget that there are still significant areas for freeriding and two landscape parks.

Winter holidays in Italy: you will like the resort of Livigno

This resort is considered one of the most inaccessible ski resorts in Europe. Three hours will need to get here from the Austrian city of Innsbruck. And from Italian airports and even longer. But it’s worth overcoming this inconvenience in order to enjoy excellent service, snow quality and very affordable prices. The main reason why this resort is considered inexpensive is its tax status since Napoleonic times. There is no VAT for most goods and services, so drinks, food and gasoline are among the cheapest in Europe.

Actual tours to Italy!

In Livigno, you will enjoy the atmospheric restaurants and pubs that were the resort’s oldest wooden houses. Among tourists, this resort is nicknamed Little Tibet. All because it is securely hidden from everyone. The remote village extends along a 10-kilometer mountain road that ends at an altitude of 1,816 m, not far from the Swiss border. But the snow season is guaranteed from November to May.
Even real professionals in winter sports go to Livigno to rest. First of all, because here you can do heliskiing.

Note: Heliskiing is a type of freeriding that involves descending from unspoiled snow peaks away from popular trails. To climb to the top using a helicopter.

There are also separate areas for children and beginners. And a separate professionally equipped park for stunts, with jumps, rails and airbags.

Bansko in Bulgaria does not leave ratings of the best European ski resorts

Tourist Bulgaria is far from a perfect view. But the incredibly beautiful nature together with investments in tourism infrastructure is doing its job – the country attracts more and more tourists both in summer and in winter. And her ski resort Bansko is popular among Europeans from different countries. About 15 years ago, the appearance of the ski resort was influenced by significant investments.

Over 25 million euros were spent on snowmaking, smart lifts and a contactless walk-through system. All this entailed the emergence of new hotels, restaurants, equipment rental points and so on. Now Bansko is a harmonious combination of the old town and a modern ski resort. But its main advantage is the availability of recreation. Especially in comparison with the resorts of the Alps. Food prices, for example, are four times lower here.

Utility cafes and shops from the century before last, which served the city center until the advent of mass tourism, were replaced by boutiques, pizzerias and wine bars. There are also many traditional pubs called mehans, often with live music. Prices are low here, and overall, this is a fun place. Traditionally, mass tourists travel to Bansko from late December to late February. In the peak season, you can’t avoid the queues at the ski lifts and restaurants.

Pas de la Casa in Andorra – the best place for crazy winter parties

The resort has grown quite high in the mountains on a duty-free territory near the border of Andorra and France. And the tours to Andorra at this resort are more and more interesting for our tourists.

Pas de la Casa is part of the extensive ski area of ​​Grandvalira at an altitude of about 2 thousand meters above sea level. Here is the largest ski area in the whole country. Now the resort has 55 transc.

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