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Best Destinations in December

If you did not get a vacation in the summer, this is not a reason to be upset. Even in the cold months, there are many options for a luxurious vacation. Indeed, on our planet there are so many paradises where there is eternal summer, and in December the tourist season begins there. How about changing the dull landscape outside the window to another reality? With a warm sea, hot sun, palm trees and other exotic. With such a prospect, a vacation in December can be called rare luck! But where better to go in the cold season, so as not to miscalculate?


Traveling to India will give you a bright kaleidoscope of emotions. And December is a good time to plan your trip. At this time, the rainy season ends and warm, dry weather sets in. The average daily temperature depends on the selected region, because in India there are several climatic zones. In the states of Goa and Kerala, it is + 32 ° C, in Mumbai it is kept at + 30 ° C, in Delhi and Calcutta – + 26 ° C. But where to go is not recommended – it’s in Tamil Nadu, where in December there is a monsoon season with storms, showers and other “charms”.

In addition to a paradise beach holiday, India in December can offer the tourist many interesting options for hanging out:

• Admire the palace complexes
• Get familiar with the traditions and feel the national flavor by taking a trip to the village
• View on the Taj Mahal
• Arrange an adventurous hike in the jungle
• Attend Hornbill festivals, India Art Festival, Madras Music Season
• Buy souvenirs at the Shilpgram Applied Arts Fair
• Celebrate Catholic Christmas and New Year

Sri Lanka

Tour to Sri Lanka – a good solution for a relaxing beach holiday. It is sunny and warm all year round, and the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean are alluring to plunge. And although December in Sri Lanka is considered a cold winter month, this is not at all the winter we are used to. The average daily temperature is + 28 ° С … + 30 ° С, the water in the ocean is warmed up to + 27 ° С. The most popular resorts are Colombo, Galle, Kalkudah, Wadduva.
December weather in Sri Lanka allows you to enjoy a beach holiday as much as possible.

In addition, this country is famous for its huge number of attractions and offers interesting excursions:

• Make a pilgrimage to the center of Buddhism Anuradhapura
• Go to the monastic caves of Alluvihara
• Visit the unique picturesque city on the Lion Rock
• Enjoy the pristine nature and listen to the birds singing in Bundala Park

In December, the Lankans celebrate the holiday of Unduvap Poya. It is dedicated to the sacred tree Bo and is accompanied by many colorful rituals. Also, those who are tired of the traditional celebration of Christmas and New Year should go to Sri Lanka. Palm trees are a great alternative to Christmas trees, and an incendiary party on the beach is much more fun than a Olivier and a TV in home walls.


In Cuba it is always sunny, fun, picturesque, so buying a tour to this destination is a good choice. In December, the average daily temperature on Liberty Island is + 26 ° С … + 28 ° С. This is one of the driest months of the year, which accounts for no more than 5 rainy days. The sun at this time is not scorching, but very gentle, so the risk of sunburn is reduced to zero. This creates a comfortable environment for a beach holiday.

Benefits of a Cuba vacation in December:

• Mild climate
• Warm and crystal clear sea
• Incredibly beautiful sunrises and sunsets
• An abundance of water activities – diving, fishing, windsurfing
• Incendiary atmosphere – Latin American dances until the morning, rum river, carnivals and much more
• Extensive excursion program – contrasts of Havana, picturesque villages, picturesque reserves, caves with ancient cave paintings
• The famous International Festival of Latin American cinema with many screenings (December 8)
• Colorful New Year celebration

Traveling to Cuba is a win-win option for those who want to escape from the gray everyday life, to arrange a bright holiday for themselves.

Dominican Republic

Escape from cold and frosty winter days is in the Dominican Republic. Here, the rainy season is just behind us, and comfortable dry weather has established. The average daily temperature is + 26 ° С … + 31 ° С, the water warms up to + 27 ° С. The climatic features of this country offer great opportunities for a relaxing beach holiday. You can bask in the sun for hours, sipping a cocktail and swimming in the warm Caribbean Sea. Any water entertainment is also available – kayaking, windsurfing, diving, parasailing.

In addition to the beach, there are many other options available:

• Visit the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo, whose colonial-style houses, ancient ruins and monuments are listed by UNESCO
• Plunge into the world of pristine nature in a picturesque park on the island of Saone
• Wander through the stalactite caves of Fun Fun
• Admire the stone structures of the ancient city of Altos de Chavon

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