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The best resorts in Bulgaria

For a summer beach holiday, Bulgaria is a win-win option. It is very popular, so you should think about early booking now. More than 4.5 million tourists visit this country every year in the high season. This direction is especially in demand among families with small children, since the resorts of Bulgaria have a warm sea, a gentle beach, and warm golden sand.

The country enjoys no less demand among young people eager for party entertainment, as well as lovers of excursions and gastronomic tourists. Affectionate climate, rich culture, a wide selection of hotels, delicious food and hospitality of local residents – all this magnetically attracts vacationers. We have compiled the popular Bulgarian resorts for dream vacations!

Sveti Vlas

One of the cleanest resorts in the country, whose beaches are marked with the Blue Flag. This is a town 35 km from Burgas Airport and 10 km from the town of Nessebar. Sveti Vlas is famous for its healing climate and picturesque landscapes – all thanks to the surrounding mountains, at the foot of which it is located.

It is an ideal place for a quiet and relaxing family vacation. There is no wild party life characteristic of Golden Sands or Sunny Beach. The sea is warm and almost without waves, the beaches are wide sandy. There are 3 of them, and the total length is 1.5 km. But since the influx of tourists here is relatively small, there is enough space for everyone.

Sveti Vlas does not offer such a huge selection of entertainment as the major tourist centers of Bulgaria, but there is always the opportunity to have a good time:

– Take a walk along the main street Tsar Simeon, at the same time shopping in the shops of local merchants
– Enjoy the sea view on Mack Street
– Look at the temple of Athanasius the Great
– Go to musical performances and theater performances in the amphitheater
– Take a trip to the ancient city of Nessebar and the modern resort center of Sunny Beach, located nearby

And if you came to this resort in mid-July, there is a chance to look at the regatta, which is held here every year.

Sunny Beach

The largest resort in eastern Bulgaria, 36 km from Burgas Airport and bordering the ancient city of Nessebar, a UNESCO heritage site. The coast of Sunny Beach extends for 10 km and consists of a wide strip of sandy beaches, awarded the Blue Flag environmental certificate. Parallel to them is a boardwalk street, walking along which, vacationers enjoy the sea breeze, seasoned with a light coniferous aroma. After all, near the city there is a forest park.

The resort has more than 200 hotels of various categories: here you can find both budget options from 2 *, and fashionable 5 * all-inclusive systems. And Sunny Beach never sleeps and offers guests a huge range of entertainment:

– Aquapark
– Golf clubs
– Sports fields (tennis, volleyball, water activities)
– Horseback riding
– bowling
– Cafes and restaurants
– Night clubs and discos
– Fashion shows, concerts, days of symphonic music

Also very close is the old town of Nessebar, whose authentic architecture fascinates and falls in love with the first walk. You can get there by public transport, or by renting a car.

Golden Sands

The “calling card” of Bulgaria, which won fame thanks to the “signature” sand of excellent quality. Fine-grained, with a spectacular golden tint, it is considered one of the main advantages of the resort. But the list of pluses does not end there. After all, Golden Sands is an ecologically clean area away from industry, surrounded by a natural deciduous park, which was called the “green sea”, with healing springs and health centers.

At this resort, every vacationer will find something of their own. Those who go for a paradise beach vacation are not mistaken in their choice – there is a huge selection of places for relaxation and beach. Also, many come with a health purpose – on Golden Sands there are many mud baths and balneological sanatoriums. And finally, this is a favorite place for young people – there are many bars, cafes and nightclubs.

Popular entertainment at the resort:

– Excursion to the rock monastery Aladzha, located nearby (you can even walk)
– A walk through the national park – in the shade of the trees you can relax from the summer heat
– Water activities
– Studying local cuisine – it is worth paying attention to the chorba and tarator shkemba soups, Shopska salad, meat dishes, cucumbers, kufte and rural shot, and for dessert take a banissa.

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