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Spanish holidays in Costa Brava

The wild shores, once inspired by Dali itself, today have turned into comfortable beaches, where the sea freshness is diluted with the persistent pine aroma of evergreen forests. Cozy fishing villages close to the sea create a contrast to the tourist areas with modern hotels.

The mild climate is ideal for hiking and exploring the ancient architecture, which is still preserved in these places. The picturesque Costa Brava is simply made for a vibrant journey! Today we will tell you everything you need to know about this tourist area.

The most popular resorts of the Costa Brava
Costa Brava is a strip of the Mediterranean coast, which stretches in the northeast of Catalonia, in the province of Girona. When planning a tour to the Costa Brava, tourists primarily consider the resort town of Blanes. Local beaches are notable for their gentle access to the sea, which is ideal for families with children.

Thanks to the endless gardens and small fish markets, it seems as though it has fallen into the old Spanish province, but modern beaches and hotels do not allow to believe it to the end.

The town of Roses will appeal to those who love variety. There are not only sandy beaches, but also the largest water park in the vicinity, as well as windsurfing and kitesurfing areas. But diving enthusiasts with open arms will receive L’Estartit, where there are many beautiful places for scuba diving.

If you want not only a beach holiday, but also noisy parties, go to Lloret de Mar with its many bars and discos.

Those who are burdened by the crowd and noise should go to Palafrugell. Here, among the tiny bays and comfortable beaches, traditional Spanish houses are lost, vividly demonstrating the local flavor.

Eco friendly beaches
The Costa Brava coastline stretches 162 kilometers to the border with France. The variety of nature excites with its colors: secluded pebble beaches and beaches with white sand, picturesque quiet bays, waves of the azure sea, beating against sheer cliffs. The smell of the sea and the pine aroma from the coastal forests mix together, immersing everyone who came to soak up the sun in a state of relaxation.

Most of the Costa Brava beach areas have been awarded the Blue Flag and fully comply with international eco-standards. The beaches of Fanals and Lloret de Mar received an award from the ICTE Institute for a high level of recreation, while Calonge and Rozas received EMAS, a sign for their contribution to environmental protection.

Entertainment for children and adults
Start exploring the beautiful Costa Brava is from its tourist capital – Lloret de Mar. The whole family can go to the spectacular Water World amusement park. Children will also enjoy the Aqualeon Zoo and Marineland Waterpark, while adults will enjoy the variety of nightclubs, bars, discos in the city center.

The Costa Brava Mediterranean resort area attracts active travelers. There are many golf clubs on the coast, there are scuba diving centers, as well as daily teams for rafting on mountain rivers in kayaks.

Lovers of good wine await the tiny village of Peralada. It is a 30-minute drive from the city of Roses and is famous throughout Spain for its fertile vineyards and long-standing traditions of winemaking. Each local house has its own cellar, where the bottled best grape harvest languishes. Tourists will be able to taste the intoxicated drink in tasting cellars or buy in wine shops. In Peralada, there is even a SPA center that offers wellness wine baths and grape seed peeling.

Resort Attractions
Costa Brava has masterpieces of world architecture and art, carefully preserving the heritage of talented artists and memorable moments of history. The resort area is of particular interest to those who come here in search of attractions.

City of Roses
Architecture lovers should see the Roses Fortress, located at the entrance of the city of the same name. The stone walls of the City of Roses, as the Catalans call the building, in the 4th century served as protection for the ancient Greeks, who built their settlement here. Today on the territory of Roses you can still see the remains of dwellings and cultural structures. Among them is the church of Santa Maria de Roses, which practically did not succumb to the power of time.

Gardens of Saint Clotilde
You can enjoy the silence and natural beauties in the Gardens of St. Clotilde. The park-architectural complex is located on a cliff, from where breathtaking panoramas of the sea open.

The park is dotted with arched labyrinths of greenery and marble sculptures of mermaids, staircases and glades with stone landscapes lost in thickets. Here you can walk for hours, breathing in the aroma of cypress and cedar.

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