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Metro as a tourist attraction or in which cities it is worth to go underground

For many decades, underground transport has been considered a convenient and reliable mode of transport. The London Underground, also known as the Pipe, celebrated its 150th anniversary a couple of years ago. Tested by time, it is considered not only the oldest underground communication system, but also the most extensive in the world.

The Copenhagen metro has a monorail system that receives passengers 24 hours a day.

São Paulo Metro, which is only 74 km long, allows 3.3 million passengers a day.

And in the Montreal metro, the traveler will meet cleanliness and order.

But where is the most convenient underground transport in the world?

1. Hong Kong
Honorable odes to the Hong Kong metro flow from the lips of every traveler who at least once used this communication system. Convenient, clean, comfortable, cheap subway even connects the remote corners of the city – from Won Chai to Tai Po villages. Free Wi-Fi is available at each station. There are facilities for people with disabilities: ramps, braille signs. Inside the stations are numerous shops, banks, snack bars and even public toilets. There is no schedule – trains run every few minutes, at rush hour – a little more often.

Perhaps this subway is more convenient than Airport Express, with departures every 10 minutes or so.

There is also an Octopus card – probably the most convenient payment transport system, which is also used in local stores, restaurants and other places. And on the metro site there is information about one-day routes for Hong Kong tourists who want to go shopping or discover the local culture.

It is amazing how this metro, with a length of 211 km and 150 stations, copes with 3.4 million passengers every day so easily.

2. Seoul
Seoul Metro is operated by three different companies, two of which are state-owned. About 7 million passengers pass through a subway consisting of 9 lines a day.

This is one of the few underground communication systems in which it catches cellular communications and operates Wi-Fi. The trains are also equipped with TVs and air conditioning. And during the cold weather, the seat heating is turned on.

The only drawback is that the metro closes too early, around midnight on weekdays.

3. Singapore
After the merger of several transit companies in 2000, the passenger traffic of the Singapore Metro grew to 600 million passengers a year.

It is great to hide from the dying heat, enjoying the cool air conditioners.

The only drawback is the lack of a recharge of a route card at some stations, which means long lines for those who want to buy a ticket at the ticket office.

4. London
The London tube became the first subway in the world, discovered in 1863. Little has changed since then. The only thing is that today the cars are equipped with air conditioning, and routers distribute the Internet.

But there is no cheaper transport in the city!

Residents of the city like to grumble about the subway, but nevertheless more than 1 billion passengers use the London Underground every year!

5. Paris
The metro of the capital of France is dense: 245 stations are located on 14 lines, totaling 87 square meters. km It seems that Parisians do not really like traveling on their own.

The Paris metro is in the top 5 busiest subways in the world. About 1.5 billion passengers a year are served annually.

6. Madrid
Madrid has one of the longest underground systems – 294 km long. The ground network is another 386 km.

Madrid’s subway serves about 1.5 billion passengers a year. It consists of 21 lines and 396 stations. This is impressive given that Madrid has a population of just 6.5 million.

The stations here are so large that public events such as the Fitness Festival are held here. In 2011, the holiday attracted 2,600 visitors. Also, one station accommodates 200 square meters. m. archaeological museum.

1,656 escalators are installed here, more than in any other metro in the world.

Read about other cities worth visiting in Spain!

7. New York
Surprisingly, the New York subway is open 24 hours a day. All lines in this city are duplicated. Even if repairs take place, only one path is taken out of service.

Also, the New York subway supports street musicians.

8. Tokyo
Tokyo’s messaging system has long been a legend. Super fast and super light, and also very punctual.

According to some estimates, the capacity of 102 train lines is 14 billion passengers per year.

Travelers will be pleasantly surprised by the very convenient navigation. The only thing is that in no case do not talk on the phone while driving. This is considered bad form.

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