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Traveling as a cure for bad mood

Can a journey cure a bad mood? Of course!

Unfortunately, traveling does not solve all the problems, but a short vacation is the best way to regain your good mood. Even simple adventure planning already allows you to look at the world from a different angle. Therefore, we picked up interesting and inspiring ideas for a happy journey.

The happiest countries in the world
Time to head to Denmark! Perhaps the country is not overwhelmingly popular with tourists, but according to the World Happiness Report rating, it is considered the happiest.

There are many things that will cheer up even a very fastidious guest: modern, fashionable Copenhagen, amazing food (especially seafood and sausages), Viking shows with real strong men, and outside the city – captivating landscapes, fjords, wastelands, swamps and beaches.

Switzerland took the second place in the list of the happiest countries, and Iceland took the honorable third. Apparently, for a feeling of dizzying happiness, the number of sunny days in a year does not play a big role.

Ukraine took only 132 place in the list. This is another reason to go on a trip! 🙂

The happiest city in Europe
Among the happiest cities in the first place is also Denmark! Moreover, the cities occupy the first two top places. The little-known industrial town of Aalborg claims to be the most fun city in Europe.

A beautiful promenade, a symphony orchestra and a world-class university help residents to stay in good shape and enjoy life.

Copenhagen took second place, here only 5% of residents are not satisfied with their lives. So Denmark looks very attractive!

If it seems that the necessary condition for a good mood is the heat, the sun, the sea breeze and friendly smiles, then Thailand will be the ideal destination. This is no accident, because this is the Land of Smiles.

Here you will find the bustling resorts of Bangkok and Pattaya, beaches and extreme holidays in the resorts of Krabi, Phuket and Koh Lanta in the south, and in the northern resorts you will find elephants and other wild animals, visit tombs and take a walk in the jungle.

Well, tough travelers don’t go to Disneyland. What’s the difference! Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, and there is no reason to deny it.

Disneyland amusement parks are located all over the world, so head to the nearest place in Europe. Whatever this country is – every Disneyland is a piece of childhood and entertainment!

The small Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas is a very non-trivial choice, but no worse than Denmark.

For travelers, Bhutan is mainly attractive for its pristine, magnificent mountain landscapes, decorated with peaceful scenic monasteries. Most interestingly, the state really cares about the well-being of local residents.

While most countries measure their well-being in financial terms, in Bhutan, the prosperity of its citizens comes first. Can there be many countries with such a policy? Unfortunately not. Therefore, be sure that this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places.

And seriously.
Traveling is truly inspiring. A change of scenery helps to look at life from a different angle, review some events, and think about solutions. But at the same time, the road is sometimes difficult, stressful situations await along the way: unskilled staff, people with a bad mood and just force majeure.

Not all people who meet on the way are good-natured, friendly and helpful.

Remember, the world is primarily a reflection of the inner self. So go on a journey with an open heart, and new experiences will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions.

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