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We taste the countries: Israel

Israeli cuisine is a good reason to visit the country. But be careful – during the holidays you can gain extra weight! But it is not as simple as it seems – after all, the food here is quite healthy: fresh vegetables, fruits. Fish rich in omega-6 fatty acids and phosphorus are more common on the menu than meat. It is difficult to find pork on the menu – in a Jewish country, the faithful Hasidim should not eat it.

Therefore, going on a trip to Israel, get ready to try the most popular and interesting local dishes without fearing for your health.

Hummus masabacha \ kavarma
One of the most popular and famous dishes of Israeli cuisine is delicious freshly prepared hummus. This dish goes well with warm pita bread served in a paper bag.

Hummus is made from chickpea puree, with the addition of olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and spices. Chickpeas are also called “mutton peas.” These are very popular beans in the Middle East.

In Israeli cuisine, there is not only a traditional chickpea appetizer. Try hummus masabacha – served with pieces of chicken, paprika and tahini seasoned with lemon on top. Also try hummus kavarma – with lamb mince, onion and parsley. Very tasty!

Many countries claim the role of the homeland of Falafel. The roots of this dish go far into the past. Undoubtedly, now it is one of the main dishes of Israeli cuisine. It can be found on the menu of any restaurant.

In Israel, trying falafel is much more profitable to buy it on the street than to cook it yourself. Made from chickpeas and other legumes, the traditional falafel is served with the aforementioned hummus, pink pickled turnip, pita bread, pickles and traditional Israeli salad.

Tahini lies at the heart of some of Israel’s delicious traditional dishes – from hummus to shawarma or kebab, halba and salads. Tahini is made from sesame seeds and sold in large volumes, as pasta is very popular.

Together with olive oil and garlic, tahini is one of the three most popular Israeli products. Wherever you are in Israel, you are guaranteed to be able to try this dish!

Where to go for a gastrotourist? Read here!

This Arabian dish is very popular in Israel. It is based on raw dough soaked in sugar syrup. Take cookies, heat them in oil, and then cover with soft cheese, goat or Nabulsi cheese, and a layer of cookies on top.

Most foodies add a little pink water or an orange tree flower on top. When everything is ready, pour sweet syrup. In some places, such as the Han Manoli restaurant in Jaffa, the dish is also served with yogurt.

Eggplant – Baba Ganush
Eggplant is one of the main products of Israeli cuisine. You will find this vegetable in any traditional Israeli breakfast, lunch or dinner: with tahini pasta, smoked or drenched yogurt.

Eggplants are beautiful in themselves, but in this country they are often found in the form of a woman ganush. Pounded in mashed potatoes, the vegetable is served with tahini, lemon juice, garlic and other goodies, at the request of the customer, and of course, with fresh bread.

Shakshuka is a traditional breakfast in Israel. The dish is similar to huervos rancheros, popular in Spain. After all, it consists of a mixture of eggs, tomatoes, pepper and coriander.

It is advisable to use shakshuku hot. Often fresh lavash or hummus is served. One of the best Israeli breakfasts can be enjoyed in Tel Aviv at the Mendeli Hotel’s restaurant.

Bread Lehem
Bread in Israel is served at every meal: walnut bread, pita bread, matzoh. Be sure to try the lekhem bread. It is traditionally served for a Saturday meal. Shabbat is a holy day in the Jewish tradition when candles are lit and prayers are offered to God.

Therefore, the best way to taste delicious whole grain bread is to visit Lech. There is a special resource – for those who want to attend an authentic meal in any corner of the world. Bread is usually used before the meal, this has its own sacred meaning.

Meatballs and Sweet Potatoes
The Israeli cuisine attracts an abundance of dishes from vegetables and legumes. Meat is often replaced by fish.

But mitballs with baked sweet potatoes drenched in yogurt sauce are a real feast of the stomach. There is nothing to do with fat meatballs of Slavic cuisine. They are airy, light and full of taste.

Food in Israel has a rich, vibrant taste. The products here are very fresh: fish are caught in Israeli waters, vegetables are grown right there and the restaurants menu changes with the season. Therefore, in this country there is always something to try!

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