Holidays in May holidays - where to go?
The May holidays are close, and many of us have already wondered where to go on May Day in Ukraine, especially since the weather pleases us with the gentle spring…

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Everything a tourist needs to know about Oktoberfest
Munich Oktoberfest is listed in the Guinness Book as the world's largest folk festival. Every year it attracts more than 6 million tourists. Oktoberfest takes its roots from the 19th…

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Best places to stay in the fall

The velvet season is a wonderful time to relax, because the number of tourists decreases several times compared with the summer months. Prices in September and October are much lower, which is also good news. Weather at this time pampers with bright sunshine and an abundance of colors. Thinking about where to go? Great, we have original leisure options for you.


Baroque lovers should visit the Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest (Hungary). He admires the scale. A bridge is thrown across a moat around a medieval building. On it, tourists fall inside the castle. The building is surrounded by beautiful towers and sculptures that surprise with magnificence.
You can enjoy the views of Budapest from the observation deck located on the bell tower of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, where the relics of the founder and first king of Hungary, Istvan, are also located there.
The picturesque panorama of the Danube opens from the 235 meter high Gellert mountain, named after the Hungarian enlightener Gerard of Hungary.
The Hungarian National Gallery has more than 100 thousand works by Hungarian artists and works created in Hungary.

In Copenhagen, visit the Royal Palace of Amalienborg, built by order of King Danish King Frederick V. The royal family still lives here.
Walking in the city center along the Town Hall Square, you can see one of the tallest buildings – the clock tower on the Copenhagen City Hall, where the municipal council and Copenhagen City Hall sit.
On the island of Slotsholmen in the old part of Copenhagen, the Danish Parliament Building Christiansbor is located. The interiors of this palace can be used to study the history of the state, recreated by the royal artist N. A. Abilgor on ten canvases.
The sculpture of the Little Mermaid from the fairy tale of the same name, which is located in the port of Copenhagen, will return and recall about the tales of Hans Christian Andersen in childhood.

In Florence (Italy), the Basilica of San Lorenzo admires the graves of Galileo, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Rossini and others. Here tourists are interested in the design of tombs, frescoes and stained glass windows.
While in Florence, visit the Uffizi Gallery. This is the largest collection of paintings of the XIII-XVIII centuries. Italy, located in the palazzo, built by architects Vasari and B. Buontalenti in 1585.
In the center of Florence is the largest Gothic temple in Italy, built in the form of a T-shaped cross – the Basilica of Santa Croce, which is famous for Giotto’s frescoes and cemetery burials.


One of the largest city squares, Wenceslas Square, is located in Prague, named after the Czech Republic’s patron saint St. Wenceslas. The equestrian statue of the prince and the National Museum are also located here. The square is famous for many historical and social events of the Czech Republic.
Consider the church of Saints Peter and Paul, the rotunda of St. Martin and the Vysehrad cemetery in the historical district of Prague, Vysehrad, a fortress built in the 10th century.
One of the historically attractive areas of Prague’s Hradcany is a settlement dating back to King Charles IV. Hradcans are located on the rocky shore of the Vltava. The stone Charles Bridge passes through this river, which is decorated with thirty sculptures 520 m long. The bridge connects Mala Strana and Old Town.
Those wishing to visit the Zbirog Castle will learn more about the prison cell, get acquainted with the deepest well in Europe, the wine cellar. This castle is known for the fact that the Nazis held their rites there, and much earlier than the Masons.


Vienna is the capital of Austria, a wonderful city for tourism, with many attractions and cultural monuments. Almost every street, square, every building of this city has historical value.
Mozart music lovers should visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which performs the “Requiem” on several organs at the same time. This gives a special sound to the work of the great composer.
Vienna Opera can be easily visited by everyone: from professional musicians to beginners. The performances are designed for different audiences and even have categories depending on the preparedness of the public.
Once in the capital, it is simply necessary to visit the Albertin Art Museum, named after its creator, Duke Albert of Saxony-Teshen. The Albertina Gallery has a collection of graphics and other works of art.

Fans of Gothic architecture and medieval history are obliged to visit the Kreuzenstein castle with a beautiful chapel, located a few kilometers from Vienna. The castle is surrounded by a park, inside there is a large collection of weapons, a hunting room, a knight’s hall.
Schönbrunn, located in the western part of Vienna, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its many fountains delight and fascinate.
And, of course, the fabulous castle of Liechtenstein on the edge of the Vienna Woods, built in the 12th century. with its green parks, dungeons and colorful architecture.

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