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The best restaurants in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a country with a unique oriental flavor and no less fascinating sights. Here you can meet the world’s tallest building, a giant aquarium or fabulously beautiful mosques, reminiscent of the scenery for the Thousand and One Nights. The highlight of the Emirates is Dubai, which is full of luxury and high cost: fashionable hotels, huge shopping centers, restaurants marked with a Michelin star with corresponding prices. We suggest you take a small gastronomic trip and go to the best restaurants in Dubai!
1. Billionaire Mansion Dubai

The restaurant exudes luxury: fashionable design, modern furniture, gourmet dishes. Located in the city center (in Taj Dubai), the institution “comes to life” at 9 pm. At this time, incendiary programs for guests begin: evening shows, performances by DJs, air gymnasts or jazz performers.

The restaurant’s menu matches both the status and the expectations of visitors: it serves Japanese and Italian cuisine. Special attention should be paid to culinary masterpieces of seafood. For example, tuna tartare with white truffle sauce, sea bass or shrimp with wasabi, mango and fruit salsa.

2. Cavalli Club Dubai

The first thing you notice at the entrance to the institution is the Swarovski crystal chandelier that hangs from the ceiling and creates a “cosmic” surroundings of a huge hall illuminated with violet-blue tones. The “intergalactic” highlight is added by a huge screen on the wall, showing a fashion show. The restaurant’s design was developed with the participation of Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, who is famous for his impeccable taste and sense of style.

The menu in the restaurant is appropriate: it serves Italian cuisine and seafood. Special attention should be paid to Mediterranean perch with zucchini, shrimp carpaccio with celery and a juicy steak with an equally “juicy” price: $ 681 for 850 g.

3. Social by Heinz Beck

Henz Beck, chef of a three Michelin-star restaurant in Rome, brought his Italian fuse to the 5 * Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah restaurant. Strict design, wooden floors, retro photographs and snow-white tablecloths have become a classic luxury, which is reflected in the menu.

It serves Italian cuisine and a menu for vegetarians. A five-course tasting combined with wines from around the world will cost $ 226 per person.
The highlight of the restaurant is a dizzying view of Dubai, which is especially good in the dark.

4. Pierchic

Located at the end of the pier, the restaurant offers visitors a fabulously beautiful panorama of the sunset and the Persian Gulf. Having booked a corner table on the terrace, you can freely admire the seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab and enjoy dishes from the chef.

The food here is exquisite, with an unusual serving. And the prices are appropriate. The restaurant specializes in European and Mediterranean cuisine, and seafood is beyond praise. Sea delicacies can be eaten with different sauces or order a special mix. Seafood “tower” with oysters, lobsters, shrimps, crab, salmon and other marine life – $ 245.

5. Nobu Dubai

Ask the locals of Dubai about the fine Japanese restaurant, and they are surely mentioned places named after one of the holy three: Okku, Zuma or Nobu. All three restaurants are impressive in scope, but Nobu, located in the Atlantis hotel on the artificial island of Palm City, is the winner in this category.

Being a key link in a network of 33 restaurants, Nobu Dubai impresses not only with its interior, which lacks national Japanese elements, but also with a rich selection of dishes. Traditional Japanese cuisine, seafood and sushi blend perfectly with Arabic flavors: from spicy miso taco salmon to cream cheesecake with yuzu sorbet. (Yuzu is a traditional Japanese citrus with a pleasant delicate aroma).

6. At.mosphere Burj Khalifa

During a visit to Dubai, it is difficult to miss the tallest tower in the world of the Burj Khalifa. While most people go to the observation deck (to see the city from a bird’s eye view), you can prefer the more luxurious option – order dinner at At.mosphere.

This gourmet restaurant is super stylish and expensive. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows contribute not only to watching sunsets, but also to exacerbating receptors. Chefs offer gourmet dishes based on Japanese wasabi, Australian beef, caviar, lobster and other gourmet ingredients. A seven-course tasting with fine wines will cost $ 436 per person.

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